Rachel Payne Karasick

Library Projects

UxSimmonsUx Report – Simmons College Website

This report summarizes a formal usability test conducted on the Simmons College website using Morae software. The goal of the study was to generate a better understanding of usability issues that may be encountered by potential graduate and undergraduate applicants to Simmons College, with a special focus the international student experience. Areas covered include student life, resources for international students, and the application. link

ANSR_logoWeb Development & IA Project

Team project to create a mock web development firm and redesign an existing library website using HTML5, CSS3, and basic Javascript. Project scope included the creation of an information architecture chart, wireframing, mood boards, persona development, and case studies. Lead on web development, including hand coding, standards compliance, and lots and lots of validation. link

viewshareTechnology Tutorial

A presentation created in collaboration with Molly Brown about the web application Viewshare for LIS 488 – Technology for Information Professionals. Viewshare is an application maintained by the Library of Congress that is designed to assist cultural institutions with creating meaningful data visualization projects. It’s based on the LOC software Recollection, and is often referred to interchangeably. link

prototypeLibrary Test Kitchen Prototype

Prototypes created in the summer in 2016 while taking Library Test Kitchen, a class offered at Simmons’ library school in conjunction with Harvard’s metaLAB project. The focus of the class was on design solutions for libraries, which culminated with a prototyping project. This prototype facilitated enhanced zine collection browsing  experiences, and considered how to improve user engagement with unique local collections. link

cartoons.pngLibrary Box Cartoons

Another assignment for Library Test Kitchen was to generate a few cartoon strips that explored potential deployments for Library Box technology. The resulting cartoon panel is focused on usage in an airplane, while another asks how we might utilize this technology in a watery, post-apocalyptic future. link

Metadata presentationMetadata for Art & Cultural Heritage

A presentation created in collaboration with Benjamin Findley, James King, and Kayla Hammond Larkin on the topic of metadata for arts and cultural institutions. Topics covered include content standards (VRA Core, CCO, CDWA),  controlled vocabularies (TGN, AAT, ULAN, CONA) as well as historical reference and thoughts on future developments for the field. link

fundraising.pngFundraising Techniques

A presentation created for LIS 404 – Principles of Management focused on fundraising techniques. Erin Lee, who works in event planning and individual giving for the Greater Boston Food Bank, co-presented this material. The presentation introduces basic concepts associated with grant writing and event planning for non-profits. link

RWDBuzzword Presentation

An overview of the term “responsive web design” that was created using VoiceThread for LIS 488 – Technology for Information Professionals. Responsive webs design is a method that web designers use to ensure that websites will display and function well on a wide variety of devices. The presentation also covers potential applications of RWD for libraries and cultural institutions.


Basic Bike Mechanics LibGuide

This LibGuide is designed to provide resources to public libraries that have installed public bike work stands, or who offer programming in partnership with local bike co-ops or cycling groups. There may be some crossover application to academic libraries at large institutions that provide bike repair tools or work stands to their students. This LibGuide was designed for the course LIS 407 – Reference & Information Services. link

WeepulWeepul Spirit Quest

Not exactly a library or information science project, but a fun one all the same. When the head of the grant writing department at the Free Library left us to travel the globe, the grant writers gave her a handmade Weepul to accompany her on her journey. As she sent us photos of their adventures, this tumblr visually tracked their journeys all over the world. link