Rachel Payne Karasick

Juvenile Justice & ICTs

Been undertaking some serious thinks in my Social Informatics course this spring, which has been blowing my mind on a regular basis. The conversation that is happening in that classroom is what I’ve really missed during library school — specifically the critical thinking and seminar style. Having the space and time to ramble broadly in a subject area, recollect my thinking, and plunk it all into a concise paper has been refreshing. I’ve loved all of the tech training so far, but this course was just what I needed to come full circle in the MLIS program.

I recently poked around in critical informatics for a paper to frame and think through how technology is being used to shape society. I looked at the use of electronic monitoring systems as ICTs, specifically examining the unchecked rise in parole sentencing involving locking ankle bands in the juvenile court system.

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